Secunderabad – Nagpur Semi-High Speed Project gathers Steam

Implementation of semi-high speed rail services in the Secunderabad-Nagpur corridor has gained momentum after South Central Railway (SCR) sent detailed project report (DPR) to the railway board for review and approval. In the report, SCR has suggested that structural renewal of the 577-km long Secunderabad–Nagpur corridor, which would be done in three phases, will help increase speed of trains.

According to SCR officials, presently the travel time is around nine hours and by upgrading the section to a semi-high speed corridor, trains that run at 120 kmph can run at 200 kmph, reducing travel time to five hours. The railway board has sent the DPR to Research Designs and Standards Organisation (RDSO), Lucknow. Based on the recommendations received from RDSO, further decisions will be made regarding the implementation of the project.

“With the increased speed and reduced running time, we will get a chance to introduce and operate more trains along the stretch,” an SCR official told. “A proportionate increase in the speed of train will help in running a higher number of freight trains, as the section between Kazipet – Balharshah is a hub for freight traffic. The line is surrounded by coal mines, cement factories and NTPC,” he added.

Preliminary discussions were held in 2016 on feasibility and implementation of the project. “We have carried out technical and execution study for upgrading the speed of passenger trains on the proposed semi-high speed rail corridor. A detailed analysis was carried out at the Secunderabad–Ballarshah section to understand the technicalities of the section in terms of its engineering, geography, traffic forecast, and existing infrastructure,” the public relations officer of SCR said.