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Now, A Free Video Calling Kiosk at Visakhapatnam Station!

In a first, Indian Railways has opened an innovative digital kiosk with free video calling facility for passengers! At the Visakhapatnam railway station of the East Coast Railway (ECoR) zone, a human interactive interface system, having a combination of a digital kiosk and a digital billboard has been commissioned.

According to details shared by the ECoR zone with Financial Express Online, this unique facility is a step towards upgrading passenger-friendly services at the station. This is also the very first such facility to be made operational across the Indian Railways network. The digital kiosk and billboard have been developed by the Bhubaneswar-based Nexyite Infotech Services Private Limited. The kiosk is based on a complete human interaction system as it involves a slew of passenger-friendly facilities, apart from free mobile and video calling.

According to the ECoR zone, the various passenger-friendly features of the digital kiosk-cum billboard are:

  • Free mobile calling and video calling facility
  • Six fast charging ports for mobiles and laptops10 inch interactive touch screen facility
  • 24×7 CCTV surveillance cameras
  • Digital screen which will also display crucial information such as weather, train information
  • Information on local sightseeing places, google maps and city maps in the interactive tab

This innovative project has been developed under the non-fare revenue system by the Railway Ministry which provides information facility and revenue generation. The service provider can obtain revenue through the mode of advertising on an LED screen.

The digital kiosk has a slew of features for passengers at the station such as video calling, mobile charging etc

Meanwhile earlier, in the month of September 2019, the very first gaming zone was opened at the Visakhapatnam station, which was again the first of its kind initiative by the Railway Ministry. The gaming zone for passengers at the station consists of modern gaming facilities such as virtual-real games including car racing, gun fighting and others, Doraemon, Hit mouse, Musical play, Air Hockey, Basketball, and a few others. Passengers can avail the facility at a cost of Rs 50 per game per programme.