IRCTC Floats Tender for The First Pod Hotel in Mumbai

IRCTC has floated a tender for Railways’ first POD Hotel at Mumbai Central Station on 9th January 2020. As per the plan, IRCTS aims to turn two non-air-conditioned waiting rooms situated on the first floor of the Mumbai Central Railway Station into a pod hotel by the end of 2020. The pod hotel will feature a building with several small and modish capsules or pods that offer overnight stay to the passengers.

The pod hotel is expected to be cheaper than the retiring rooms that are currently available. IRCTC will construct as many as 30 pods, within six months after the tender is finalized. The specifications and designs of the capsules will be similar to the pod hotel operational in India, he added. The first pod hotel of India, which is privately-run, opened in Andheri in the year 2017.

It has been reported that the pods will provide accommodation to passengers up to 12 hours. Moreover, the pods will be divided into two types- Classic and Suite. The Classic pods will cater to one passenger and will be equipped with lockers, baggage space and charging sockets. While the suite pods will consist of a large bed for two passengers, WiFi service and personal lockers.

The IRCTC pod hotel will also boast a lounge area, changing areas, washrooms as well as a cafeteria.