Indian Railways to install CCTV cameras in Guard & Motormen Cabins of Local Trains

Aiming to enhance safety, Indian Railways will install CCTV cameras in the guard and motormen cabins of local trains. These CCTVs will allow effective post-analysis after train accidents. It will also assist in educating motormen and guards and improving on their mistakes.

The Western Railway has installed CCTV cameras in 3 local trains, one camera inside the driver’s cabin as well as one outside the cabin. “The inner camera will record the activity of the motorman and the outer camera will record the aspect of signal. If it works well, it would be replicated in more local trains,” an officer (WR) said.

Confirming the development, Rvainder Bhakar, CPRO, WR, said, “This move will help in controlling signal jumping and platform over shooting cases.” “Monitoring train drivers is essential for safe operation of trains. It has been found that a majority of safety violations, including signal jumping, derailment and non-adherence to speed restrictions, happen mostly when drivers are taking calls on their mobile phones. Now, they will exercise more vigil while on duty,” the official added.

The Central Railway also started installing CCTV cameras in the driver and guard cabin of the AC local, which will likely be introduced in services on the Trans-Harbour line by the end of this month. Sources said installing CCTVs are part of the recommendations made by a safety committee formed by the railway board in 2016-2017. The panel was constituted to suggest the measure to improve the safety of train operation.

In August 2017, Vellore JM Court awarded 10 years imprisonment and imposed penalty on a 47-year-old motorman for causing an accident near Arakkonam in 2011 in which 12 passengers died and 86 were injured. He was found guilty of talking over a mobile phone when the tragedy occurred.