Mhow-Sanawad gauge conversion project gets Rs 369 crore

In the union budget for 2020-2021, an outlay of Rs 603 crore for four prominent railway projects pertaining to Indore has been sanctioned. The highest Rs 369 crore is made for gauge conversion of Mhow-Sanawad section of Ratlam-Akola gauge conversion.

Out of four railway projects, most challenging is Mhow-Sanawad gauge conversion line, which passes through tough terrain for which Rs 369 crore outlay has been proposed. This project includes gauge conversion of 22-kilometre long Ujjain-Chandrawatiganj section. In last budget, Rs 238 crore were allocated for this project.

Former member of Passenger Amenities Committee of the Railway Board Nagesh Namjoshi said the amount made in the outlay for Mhow-Sanawad gauge conversion project is satisfactory, since the land acquisition is yet to complete. “We hope the project will complete in next five years,” he added.