Bengaluru Railway Station gets Automatic Coach Washing Plant

Automatic Coach Washing Plant (ACWP) commissioned at the station by the South Western Railway (SWR) will enable automatic cleaning of train exteriors. SWR general manager Ajay Kumar Singh said this is the first time that an ACWP is being set up in SWR to clean coaches.

“Manual cleaning of coaches is time-consuming and labour intensive and needs more water. While around 1,500 litres of water is used to clean one coach in the conventional system, the new system needs only 250 litres. It barely uses 15% of freshwater and the utilised quantity of water gets recycled,” he said.

SWR officials said an entire 24-coach train gets cleaned in eight minutes while moving at a speed of 5-6 km per hour. “The system automatically optimises the use of detergents and cleaning agents, resulting in more effective cleaning. It also has a multi-stage cleaning mechanism, using high-pressure water jet, and horizontal and vertical rotating nylon and cotton brushes. It also requires minimal electricity, maintenance and manpower,” said Singh.

“Similar coach-washing plants will come up at Yeshwantpur and the new Byppanahalli coaching terminal,” said Ashok Kumar Verma, divisional railway manager, Bengaluru division. SWR officials said the ACWP costs Rs 1.6 crore. “The average cost for washing a coach in ACWP is Rs 41.9, while it is Rs 214.8 per coach for manual exterior washing,” said Verma. The wastewater from ACWP will be recycled and used for washing again.