Indian Railway Launches First High-Capacity LHB Parcel Van

Indian Railways recently launched the High Capacity Parcel Van at Delhi’s Safdarjung railway station. The High Capacity Parcel Van has been designed and manufactured by Rail Coach Factory in Kapurthala. Interestingly, this is the first High Capacity Parcel Van on LHB (Linke Hofmann Busch) platform. According to Northern Railways, the oscillation trials have been successfully completed and it has been issued with a speed certificate by the Research Design and Standards Organisation (RDSO) for 130 km per hour.

The new LHB High Capacity Parcel Van has a total carrying capacity of 24 tons and a total volume of 187 m3. In a bid to facilitate transportation of wide goods, foldable two-tier luggage racks have been provided. These coaches have been provided with three collapsible partitions as well as four number of sliding doors. The interior paneling of the coach is of stainless steel and the coach has been equipped with 140 KN air suspension. Also, the coach has been provided with axle-mounted disc brakes as well as anti-climbing CBC coupler with transition screw coupling. Moreover, “fire balls” will be installed inside the coach to douse any fire inside.

The LHB High Capacity Parcel Van has been equipped with flushed-in type fire retardant LED lights. According to Northern Railways, this coach is HOG (Head on Generation) compliant. Also, it has both ends connectivity, therefore, this coach can be attached at any position in the rake. It is being expected that the new LHB High Capacity Parcel Van will generate revenue for the national transporter through the parcel transportation business.

Further, the Rail Coach Factory in Kapurthala is in process of development of E-commerce Parcel Van with a volume capacity of 210 m3 and with a speed potential of 160 km per hour. Moreover, it is being said that the coach will be equipped with a load cell to indicate pay load as well as GPS tracker.