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SWR takes part in Investors Meet at Hubbali

South Western Railway took part in the ‘’Invest Karnataka Hubballi Conference‘’ held yesterday ( 14th Feb-2020). Around 30 reputed firms manufacturing and supplying various items used in Permanent way, Locomotive, Rolling Stock, Engineering, Signal and Communications also took part in the conference. 

SWR had put up a stall at the event displaying the materials used in Railway. Some of the items on display were:

1)Emergency Brake Accelerator

2)Speed Sensor G.16

3)Brake Cylinder

4)Panel Display/Control for 500 KVA Cummins Diesel engine

5)Wheel set earthing equipment

6)Load sensing Device for BLC wagon

7)Elastic Rail Clip (ERC) Mark V

8)Combination metal Liners

9)25 W VHF Digital Radio Set

10)VHF Transmitter

11)Surge protection Device

Shri Suresh Angadi, Hon’ble MoSR taking keen interest in this investors meet to realize dream of Hon’ble Prime Minister’s initiative of “Make in India”, had directed SWR to participate in “Invest Karnataka Conference”. With the initiative of Hon’ble MoSR a Rail Ancillary Hub is also coming up near Kittur.

Indian Railways is o­ne of the biggest customers in India wherein value of materials procured is through Indigenous procurement.  

In 2018-19 procurement of materials of Rs.72,362 Cr was done of which 98 % is through Indigenous procurement. Entire procurement process is digitalized right from generation of demand up to payment of bills.  This results in transparent and efficient public procurement.  All types of tenders for goods, services, works, earnings/leasing and sale of scrap are also issued in a single Portal www.ireps.gov.in.

On SWR there are 6 stocking Depots with over 3000 stocked items.  The annual procurement value of stock items is approx Rs.2000 Cr. The items are procured through approved vendors i.e. Research Designs & Standards Organisation, Lucknow, Public Sector Undertaking (ICF, MCF, CLW,RCF,DLW) and  Central Organisation for Railway Electrification, Allahabad. GeM (Government e Marketplace) (Common Use Goods and Services) is being encouraged more and more in the past year.

Applications can be submitted to the respective approving agency o­n-line by the vendors for obtaining approval.


·Purchase Preference.

(MSEs quoting a price within price band L1 + 15% shall be allowed to supply a portion of the requirement by bringing down their price to L1 price, in a situation where L1 price is from someone other than MSE and such MSEs can be together ordered up to 25 % value out of the net procurement  quantity)

·Exemption from Payment.


Purchase Preference to Local Vendors: Purchase preference shall be given to local suppliers in all procurements undertaken by procuring entities in the manner specified hereunder.

a. In procurement of goods in respect of which the Nodal Ministry has communicated that there is sufficient local capacity and local competition, and where the estimated value of procurement is Rs. 50 Lakhs or less, o­nly local suppliers shall be eligible. If the estimated value of procurement of such goods is more than Rs. 50 lakhs, the provisions of sub-paragraph ‘b’ as the case may be, shall apply.

b. In the procurements of goods which are not covered by para a above, if L1 bid is not from a local supplier, 50% of the order quantity shall be awarded to L1. Thereafter, the lowest bidder among the local suppliers will be invited to match the L1 price for the remaining 50% quantity subject to the local supplier’s quoted price falling within the margin of purchase preference of 20% and contract for that quantity shall be awarded to such local supplier subject to matching the L1 price.


Relaxation of Norms for startups and Micro & Small Enterprises in public procurement o­n Prior Experience-Prior Turnover Criteria:

As “Startup India” initiative, for creating a conducive environment for Startups in India, the condition of prior turnover and prior experience with respect to Micro and Small Enterprises is relaxed subject to meeting of quality and technical specifications.