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Indian Railways announces additional measures for the prevention of COVID-19

Indian Railways has announced the following additional measures to contain the spread of Corona Virus (COVID-19):

  1. To discourage unnecessary travel and to prevent the vulnerable category of Senior Citizens from undertaking unnecessary travels, concessional booking of all tickets except Patients, students and Divyangjan category for Unreserved & Reserved segment are being suspended form 00:00 hrs of 20th March till further advisory.
  2. As a precautionary measure and to discourage nonessential travel and overcrowding of trains, so far total 155 pairs of low occupancy trains are cancelled up to 31.03.20. Trains are cancelled keeping in view the availability of alternate trains for passengers and ensuring that no passenger shall remain stranded. Full refund is being given to all the passengers whose train has been cancelled.
  3. Indian Railways has also facilitated return of students stranded in Northern part of country due to sudden closure of Educational Institutions to their homes in Southern, Northern-Eastern and Eastern regions of India.
  4. Advisories are being issued to passengers to avoid non-essential train journeys and to ensure that they do not have running fever while they are commencing the journey. At any point of journey if passenger feels that he is having fever, he can contact the Railway Staff for medical attention and further assistance.
  5. To avoid unnecessary crowding at Railway Stations in wake of spread of COVID 19. It has been instructed to DRMs to review the situation over railway stations and raise the price of Platform Ticket to Rs. 50 wherever necessary.
  6. Regular Announcement are being done on PA System of Railway Stations & Trains to sensitize the public about various Do’s & Don’ts highlighting :
  • Keeping hands clean by frequent washing of hands;
  • Maintain social distance & covering the mouth while sneezing and coughing;
  • Precautions to be taken if one has running fever-(don’t travel and report immediately to the Doctor);
  • Not spitting anywhere in the public place and Railway premises and
  • Avoid overcrowding & to ensure distancing between passengers in trains including suburban trains.