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Minister of Railways, reviews the preparedness of Railway Zones for preventing the spread of Corona virus

Indian Railways, the biggest transport utility of the country, has been taking a series of proactive measures to stop the spread of Corona Virus in the country. To take stock of the ongoing efforts, Shri Piyush Goyal, Minister of Railways & Commerce and Industry, reviewed the progress of preparedness of Indian Railways in that regard. The meeting was attended by Chairman, Railway Board, Members of the Railway Board besides all the General Managers and Divisional Railway Managers from all the zones who linked up through a video conferencing.

Chairman, Railway Board briefed the Minister of Railways on the measures taken as a part of the National efforts in fighting the spread of Corona Virus. These include:

  1. Creation of Quarantine facilities all over the Railway network for any eventuality, upscaling the cleanliness and hygiene of all the Railway trains and station premises.
  2. Dissemination of various advisories being issued by M/o Health & Family welfare, Department of Personnel and Training regarding social distancing, minimizing the unnecessary travel, observation of infection related preventive measures and other operational measures to prevent the spread of virus.
  3. Help Desks at various stations in association with State Governments are being made available.
  4. Cleanliness of coaches, toilets, pantry cars and all passenger interface points should be strictly adhered to and adequate availability of hand washing material and water has to be ensured in trains, platforms and offices.
  5. Instructions on restriction of meetings involving mass gathering, trainings, conferences etc. may be discouraged.
  6. Adequate availability of gadgets to the staff involved in screening and cleaning, wherever required, is being ensured.
  7. Regular Announcement are being done on PA System of Railway Stations & Trains to sensitize the public about various Dos & Don’ts highlighting keeping hands clean by frequent washing of hands, maintaining social distance, covering the mouth while sneezing and coughing, precautions to be taken if one has running fever- (don’t travel and report immediately to the Doctor) and not spitting anywhere in the Rail premises.

He also informed that instructions have been given to all stakeholders to avoid unnecessary crowding at Railway Stations in wake of spread of COVID 19. It has been advised that the DRMs may review the situation over railway stations and raise the price of Platform Ticket to Rs. 50 wherever deemed necessary, to avoid overcrowding at stations.

While appreciating the efforts of Indian Railways, the Minister directed all concerned to continue the hardwork and not to relent till the battle against the pandemic is won.  He also conveyed  the appreciation of Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi for the hardwork of employees of Indian Railways. The Minister specifically directed that the following additional measures be immediately taken to continuously monitor the work on this front:

  1. Creation of Online Dashboard for better coordination between officials of Ministry and various Zonal Railways. Through this Dashboard, online monitoring of day to day COVID 19 preparedness activities and their progress is to be done.
  2. Constitution of a COVID-19 Rapid response team comprising six Executive Directors from Railway Board to coordinate the efforts of Indian Railways across all the zones. This Team will coordinate all COVID-19 preparedness activities. One nodal officer from each zone will serve as point of contact for all COVID-19 preparedness measures and will be in constant touch with the COVID-19 Response team of Railway Board.
  3. Advisories shall be issued to passengers to avoid non-essential train journeys and to ensure that they do not have running fever while they are commencing the journey. At any point of journey if passenger feels that he is having fever, he can contact the Railway Staff for medical attention and further assistance.

Compliance with above directives is being continuously monitored all over the Indian Railways.