Northern Railways Ambala Division starts video consultation facility

The S&T and medical department of Ambala Division of Northern Railways has started video-consultation facility for Covid-19 quarantined persons so that they can directly consult with the doctors present in divisional railway hospital, Ambala, through video conferencing, said senior divisional commercial manager (SDCM) Hari Mohan.

This has been achieved by installing the android emulator on the windows-based system available on laptops and personal computer of doctors who will be available at the divisional railway, hospital at Ambala Cantonment.

WhatsApp account to connect with doctors has also been created for Covid-19 helpline number 9729539520. Enabling any person, who seeks to consult with a doctor, can make a video call on this helpline number, using the WhatsApp video call facility.

Hari Mohan said another initiative taken by Ambala division of railways is to commence a workmen train to ferry railway employees to work at different sites over block sections. He further added, “Ambala division of Northern Railway is ensuring the supply of essential goods through its freight operations and running of special parcel trains. It has all been possible with the concerted efforts of our esteemed employees who are solemnly discharging their duties with due reverence in such adverse circumstances.”

“To facilitate the diligent and obedient personnel of Ambala division workmen train is commenced within the division over different sections so that out of trackmen, pathway engineers, supervisors and other staff who have to work over the block section or away from headquarter, may be facilitated with this workmen train keeping view of norms of social distancing during covid-19”.

Ambala divisional railway manager Gurinder Mohan Singh said, “More such workmen will be ferried over different sections as per the requirement of essential work to be done to strengthen our necessary infrastructure as well as repairing and maintenance work for smooth operations of our fright services and special parcel train services.”