Hubballi Workshop Develops Contactless Cubicle for Doctors

The South Western Railway Zone’s Hubballi Workshop has come out with an innovative concept of contactless cubicles for doctors and medical professionals. With contactless cubicles, doctors checking suspected novel Coronavirus patients will not have to come in direct physical contact with patients.

Even after maintaining the protocol in hospitals as per medical guidelines, doctors testing those who might have been infected with the COVID-19 deadly virus, are prone to catch the infection. Over the last few days, there have been instances of doctors treating patients of COVID-19, catching the infection and this way the threat of spreading the novel Coronavirus is compounded.

According to a press release issued by the South Western Railway zone, the transparent contactless cubicle developed by Hubballi Workshop can be used by doctors to remain isolated with the patient, protecting them from catching the COVID-19 infection. After each medical test, gloves that protrude out of the cubicle will be changed as well as the exterior and interior of the chamber will be sanitized.

This transparent cubicle for testing and Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) being manufactured by the Hubballi Workshop for treating COVID-19 patients will safeguard doctors as well as nurses, who are the frontline warriors in the fight against the novel Coronavirus pandemic so that they can serve the nation in the hour of need.