The Makeover of Nashik Railway Station Started with Dismantling of FOB

The 156-year-old foot over bridge (FOB) at Nashik Road railway station was dismantled on Thursday, 14th May 2020, using heavy machinery to lift the girders. This marks the beginning of work for the makeover of the railway station undertaken by the railways.

The bridge, which was dismantled giving way to the construction of escalator, was constructed in 1864 after Bhusawal – Igatpuri rail link was established in 1861 on the Mumbai-end of the railway station near current booking couter.

“The bridge connected only platform (PF) 1 and PF 2/3 of the station. During 2014-15 Kumbh Mela, PF 4 was constructed and a parallel bridge was constructed from PF 1 to PF 4 with connectivity to all platforms. The old bridge now is redundant and hence being removed with the help of the railway’s crane,” said senior officials from railways.

The railways plans to carry out the maximum or the entire work of the makeover of the station before the normalcy returns post lockdown period promising better services for the passengers when the services resume.

After removal of the old FOB and its staircase linking Platforms 2&3, the stairs will be replaced by the escalator that will help the easy movement of people to the FOB built during Kumbh Mela that currently has a staircase on one side to allow ascending and descending on the platform.

The works are being carried out at a very fast pace and we hope that by the time the lockdown is lifted, the major construction part of the infrastructure will also be over, the authorities said.