First Shramik special train carrying 248 passengers arrive in Dibrugarh

First special Shramik Express train arrived at Banipur railway station in upper Assam’s Dibrugarh from Coimbatore yesterday (Sunday, 17th May 2020). A total of 248 passengers stranded at Tamil Nadu were carried by the train.

The health officials conducted thermal screening of the passengers after the arrival of the train at Banipur railway station. After primary health check up at the Victoria Girls HS School in Dibrugarh, seven passengers of Dibrugarh have been sent to quarantine centers in Dibrugarh. The rest of the passengers have been sent to their destination district Tinsukia for further test and quarantine.

According to railway official, on Sunday morning the fourth special train from New Delhi arrived at Banipur railway station with 207 passengers from all upper Assam district and Arunachal Pradesh.

Dibrugarh deputy commissioner Pallav Gopal Jha and SP Sreejith T were present at the railway when the trains arrived.

“We are getting all help from all the departments concerned. Officials from all departments are working in close coordination for the smooth arrival of the trains. More passengers are likely to arrive in Dibrugarh in coming days,” Jha said.