Ferozepur Division Facilitates 18 Train Departures in Single Day to Ferry 21,000 Migrants to UP & Bihar

As many as 21,000 migrants left for their home states on 18 trains departing from stations falling under the Ferozepur division of Northern Railway on Sunday.

A total of 10 trains, carrying around 12,000 migrants, departed from the Ludhiana railway station. This is the highest number of train to operate from a station in the northern region in a day. Besides, five trains left from Jalandhar City, two from Amritsar and one from Ferozepur.

As many as 67 trains have departed from Ludhiana since May 5, carrying around 80,000 passengers so far. From Jalandhar city railway station, as many as 50 trains have left while from Amritsar 14 have left and six from Ferozepur. In the last 13 days, a total of 137 trains have ferried around 1.64 lakh passengers from four stations of Ferozepur Division.

11 trains were scheduled to run from Ludhiana railway station to Bihar and Uttar Pradesh yesterday.