Nashik Rd station to have Restricted Entry Points

The Nashik Road station authorities have decided to restrict the number of entry points coming into the railway station to ensure proper screening of every passenger when the railway services resume.

Currently, special or Shramik trains are being run by the railways for the stranded migrant workers. They are pre-checked and given clearance before boarding the trains. It won’t be the same when train service resumes and that is why the necessary precautions are taken.

“While we have the CCTV coverage to ensure that every person is tracked, we will have to do an additional activity – that of thermally scanning every person who comes into the railway station,” the railway authorities said.

The entrance to the station will only be allowed from behind the current booking office that has now been replaced by the advance booking office, just outside the platform number 1. “There is an entrance near the Parcel Gate where the passengers will be thermally scanned before proceeding.

The passengers can use the foot over bridge (FOB) which also has an elevator thus enabling passengers to cross the tracks and get down at platform 2/3 (a joint one) and at platform 4. The work on the extension of the FOB along with the construction of the staircase and elevator have begun on platform 4.

Similarly, the travellers coming to the station from the parking area can use the escalator to FOB on platform 1, where they will be thermally scanned before allowed to proceed further. The alighted passengers will exit from the main entrance of the station.

“The entry will be banned from the ‘main entrance’ till the development of the alternate arrangement – near the old current booking office, is completed. The passengers will be thermally scanned even at the time of exiting the station,” the authorities said.