Mysuru rly division completes infra works during lockdown

Lockdown period was effectively used by Mysuru railway division to undertake several safety related infrastructure works. In a significant step towards safety, the division has eliminated manned level crossings and completed canal crossings between Ajjampura and Shivani stations in Tumkur Hubballi line, and girdening of major bridges.

The level crossings (LCs) of meter gauge line were retained even after gauge conversion. However they greatly hinder the movement of both road and rail traffic. In 2018, Indian Railway became completely free of unmanned LC’s and has taken up the mission of eliminating all the manned LCs in a phased manner by constructing low-height subways, road under bridge and road over bridge depending upon the feasibility.

Ravindra Biradar, senior divisional engineer, west, Mysuru division said, “there were 311 manned LC’s on Mysuru division of which 30 were eliminated last year and 16 are targeted for completion in the current year. In line with these targets, three level crossings were taken up for elimination by construction of low height subway during the lockdown period in Mysuru-Hassan section despite the minimum resources due to lockdown. The work, which involved insertion of pre-cast boxes under the track, was completed in a matter of hours which in normal times would have translated to cancellation/regulation of a number of passenger trains.”

Butchi Venkata Rao, senior divisional engineer, north, Mysuru division said, “Canal crossing work between Ajjampura and Shivani stations on the Tumkur- Hubballi line, which was earlier planned with blocking of track for few hours over a period of 90 days, has now been taken up by temporarily diverting the track within a short period of time. This project would facilitate the supply of water from Bhadra river to drought hit regions of Chitradurga.”

The division took up the project as a challenge and work is in progress throughout day and night. Once the canal works get completed, more than 2 lakh acre will get receive water.