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ATMA – Hi-tech device for touch-free ticket checking

To avoid direct contact between ticket checking staff and passengers, Indian Railway has initiated installation of a high-tech Automated Ticket Checking and Managing Access (ATMA) system on its various zones.

The system will allow the staff to check tickets sitting at a distance. Since the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, they have been demanding adoption of modern gadgets to ensure their safety, as they remain in close contact with a large number of passengers.

Indian Railways has already installed ATMA system at some major stations across the country, including Mumbai and Bengaluru. Welcoming the move, a local ticket checker said, “It’s the need of hour. While checking tickets or allowing entry to passengers to the station, we are constantly under the fear of catching infection.”

According to them, the ATMA system is the only way to prevent community spread of Covid-19. Another railway personnel said, “We are getting regular inputs about the successful execution of pilot project at some major stations. Installation of the system across all the stations will reduce the risk for ticket checking staff community.”

A senior Northern Railway official on condition of anonymity said, “We are collecting details from different railway station of the northern region for getting a clear idea about which station are suitable for installation of the advance system. It will be installed only where the daily passenger footfall is high.”

Ludhiana railway station director Tarun Kumar said, “Local railway officials have already shared all important details with the NR authorities to facilitate early installation of the machine. A large number of passengers, especially in long-distance trains, board and de-board here, which becomes a challenging task for the local ticket checking staff.” The Atma system is likely to be installed towards the June-end or in the first week of July, the station director added.

How the ATMA System Works

The boarding passengers will have to approach the pre-installed human thermal scanning device for touch-free body temperature measurement, which will display their temperature and face mask on the output screen and also on the screen with the ticket checking staff seated at some distance. Thereafter, they will have to show ID proof in the high-definition camera in the machine to ascertain the authenticity of ticket. Satisfied on all parameters, the ticket checkers will ask them to proceed through a two-way mike system.