Samastipur-Darbhanga track doubling work expedited

The East Central Railway (ECR) has expedited track doubling work of about 38 km on the Samastipur-Darbhanga route falling under Samastipur division. It has completed the broad gauge (BG) track doubling work of 9 km between Darbhanga and Thalwara. The new line will be thrown open for passenger traffic movements after getting clearance from the commissioner of railway safety (CRS).

ECR chief public relations officer (CPRO) Rajesh Kumar said the railways has started non-interlocking (NI) work on this particular route since June 21. It will be completed by June 27.

“Railways intends to complete major works related to signal, track linking and crossing points on the newly laid track between Darbhanga and Thalwara on priority. CRS is likely to inspect this route on June 28,” he said.

Railways has built at least nine bridges between Darbhanga and Thalwara to ensure smooth train traffic with foolproof safety measures. “Railways has also completed rail electrification work between Samastipur and Darbhanga to run electric locomotive-hauled passenger and goods trains,” he said.

The Railway Board had approved the Samastipur-Darbhanga track doubling new line project in 2015 at an estimated cost of Rs 411 crore, which was subsequently enhanced to Rs 519 crore in 2018.

“Railways has constructed and given facelift to at least six station buildings between Darbhanga and Samastipur also. It has completed the entire Samastipur-Darbhanga new line route in the first phase between Samastipur and Kisanpur and then between Darbhanga and Thalwara. The opening of the newly laid double tracks between Samastipur and Darbhanga will streamline movement of both passenger and gods trains on its particular route,” the CPRO said.

Meanwhile, the ECR has gained the first ranking in the railways for movement of goods trains. “The distance which used to be covered in about 24 hours by goods trains from one place to another across the country was covered in hardly 12 to 14 hours by the goods trains originating from the ECR jurisdiction, the CPRO said, adding these goods trains carrying coal, iron, cement bags, fertilizers and other essential materials reached their destination points either in Haryana, Punjab, Gujarat and other places in about 14 hours only.