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Railways to Modify AC Coach Systems to Allow Fresh Air

The Indian Railways’ air-conditioned trains will now have operation theatre-like fresh air pumped into its coaches, replacing the circulated air which raises the chances of spread of infections, officials have said.

The experiment, started with 15 pairs of air conditioned trains being run by the Railways on the Rajdhani routes since May 12, will be replicated in all AC trains as part of the national transporter’s preparations for post-COVID operations.

“The Roof Mounted AC Package Unit (RMPU) system of Indian Railways AC coaches replaces air more than 16-18 times per hour just like in Operation Theatres,” officials said.

Previously, these AC trains had air change six to eight times per hour and 80% of the air that was pushed into coaches was recirculated air, while 20% was fresh air.

However, with the increase in the number of air changes, there has been a 10 to 15% increase in energy consumption.

“This is the price one has to pay for the safety of passengers. This is the new normal. The way an AC works is that it uses recirculated air so that it gets cooler faster. When we use more fresh air it takes more time to cool, so there’s additional energy consumption,” an officer said.

The Railways has also increased the centralised AC’s temperature from the usual 23 degrees to 25 degrees as passengers are no longer being provided linen.

As per the Ministry of Health guidelines, centralised AC is acceptable provided complete air change inside an AC coach takes place at least 12 times per hour, officials said.