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Webinar on Logistics of COVID and Indian Railways

Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) India and Exhibitions India Group hosted a discussion on ‘Logistics of COVID and Indian Railways’ on 11th July 2020 with eminent names from the industry sharing their valued insights. Presented by Women in Logistics and Transport (WILAT), the live webinar was widely attended virtually by 211 people, including CILT International President Dato’ Ts Abd Radzak Abd Malek of Malaysia.

Moderator Ms. Ragini Yechury, Chairperson, WILAT India hosted an engaging panel with industry veterans, as she highlighted the importance of logistics especially in the wake of the pandemic. “In a country as vast as India, logistics is a tireless task and requires constant efforts. With the number of COVID-19 cases rising across the country, every gamut of activity required to keep services alive in the country needs efficient logistics. Whether it’s Indian Railways, airways, hospitals, or civil administration- logistics and coordination are instrumental.”

In his welcome address to the panel, Shri Shanti Narain, Former Member Traffic, Indian Railways & Chairman, CILT INDIA remarked, “We have now lived through over 4 months of restrictions, and it’s been a life-transforming experience with its own share of ups and downs. A pivotal role has been played by Indian Railways which did a stupendous job with Shramik Express to transport migrant labour- an initiative that has been appreciated by the global community.”

Delivering the Keynote address, Dr Monica Agnihotri, DRM Lucknow, North Eastern Railway noted how the COVID-19 crisis hit in both severity and suddenness. “Logistics goes hand in hand with the medical dimension of the pandemic. Given the enormity of Indian population, each logistics activity had to be scrutinized, organized and delegated whilst ensuring social distancing. The entire process of getting a COVID-19 test, being assigned a unique ID, then isolation and contact tracing- the process is an exercise in logistics. Indian Railways became an integral part in the logistics of COVID. Men, material and resource management have been mammoth tasks. Another big task was setting up community kitchen, and with the help of IRCTC we distributed over 5 lac meals in Delhi. Women’s welfare organisations had an integral part to play here, as did district administrations and NGOs.”

Defining logistics as the process of transporting and storing goods in a timely and cost-efficient manner, and the innovations required as a result of COVID-19, Shri Vinod Asthana, Former MD, Central Railside Warehouse Company Ltd (CRWC) said, “COVID-19 is a unique situation that’s sudden and unpredictable, affecting over 185 countries in the world. Indian logistics has been affected by the pandemic, causing a massive shortage of manpower with migrant labour force going back to home states; there’s a shortage of loaders and drivers. The future of logistics industry must be contactless and paperless in order to reduce time involved and transactional costs. Reducing logistics cost is of utmost importance, and that must be the focus of the National Integrated Logistics Policy. Logistics cost is what defines today the competitiveness of a product.”

You may view a recording of the webinar here: 

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