HRIDC Float Tenders for Elevated Railway Project in Kurukshetra

The Haryana Rail Infrastructure Development Corporation (HRIDC) floated the tenders for elevated railway track project worth about Rs 212.73 crore on July 10, 2020, to be developed within the Thanesar city on Kurukshetra-Narwana rail line.

The works would be starting in the next three months. Giving information, Thanesar MLA Subhash Sudha said after the works are started the timeline for this project completion is 30 months and under tender process, the pre-bid can be done till 3 pm on 24 July and pre-bid meeting for this project has been called at HRIDC office in Gurugram on July 29.

“After the pre-bid meeting, the documents of the bid will be submitted from August 5 to August 19 and the time of technical bid has also been fixed after 3 pm on August 19. Following the companies which will fulfill the conditions, will be entrusted with the responsibility to complete this elevated railway track”, Sudha said.

This project has been a long-pending demand of Thanesar city residents as due to five manned railway crossings on this rail line they face long traffic jams at several points. As per the information, about 6 kilometers long elevated railway track on single-pillar and of single-line will be developed on the Kurukshetra to Narwana railway line on Pehowa road.