RDSO Conducts 130 Kmph Sectional Speed Test on Chennai-Mumbai Route

The Research Design and Standards Organisation (RDSO) has recently conducted a COCR (Confirmatory Oscillograph Car Run) test in Guntakal Division’s Renigunta-Gooty section for up and down line, which falls under the South Coast Railway zone.

The COCR test was conducted on 280 km stretch of the Chennai-Mumbai Route for increasing the sectional speed to 130 km per hour. According to the national transporter, it was an “excellent run”. Indian Railways said that it was one of the longest routes with more than 80 per cent of the section recorded 130 km per hour plus speed.

The speed test is in line with Indian Railways’ ambitious project to upgrade the speed potential of the Golden Quadrilateral and its diagonals, which comprise of, Delhi-Chennai, Delhi-Mumbai, Mumbai-Chennai, Delhi-Howrah, Mumbai-Howrah, Howrah-Chennai routes. By the end of the current financial year, Indian Railways hopes to upgrade the speed potential on these 6 major routes to 130 kmph.

Simultaneously, Piyush Goyal-led Indian Railways is also working to upgrade the Delhi-Mumbai and Delhi-Howrah routes to 160 kmph speed potential by the end of 2023. The aim is to reduce the overall train journey time on dense routes.