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Railway Minister Seeks Crowd Sourcing of Ideas for Transformation and Profitability

Ministry of Railways conducted first ever online Workman Sanghosti in which representatives of Railways Worker’s Unions participated from across the country. This “Workmen Sangosthi” was attended by Shri Piyush Goyal, Minister of Railways and Commerce & Industry, Shri Suresh C Angadi, Minister of State of Railways, Shri V.K.Yadav, Chairman, Railway Board along with senior officers of Railway Board.

During the Sangosthi, office bearers of both the federations- AIRF and NFIR, Shri Rakhal Das Gupta, Shri Gumman Singh, Shri Shiv Gopal Mishra and Dr. M. Raghavaiah and other office bearers of the Federation presented their views.

Addressing the Sangosthi, Shri Piyush Goyal expressed the gratitude for Railway workmen for performing duties relentlessly during the lockdown period. The Minister said, “From highest level to the lowest level, all officers and staff have sincerely performed their duties during the lockdown. Presently, Indian Railways is going through critical time due to the pandemic. The Minister urged the leaders of the federations to ponder how Railways can overcome this crisis that is looming across the world due to this pandemic. He also asked Railway federations to come up with unique ideas how Railways revenue can be increased, costs minimised, freight share be improved and how the railways can move further and faster. He also asked all to think about the safety and welfare of existing employees. He stressed upon the collective effort required by Railways officers, unions and staff during this phase..

In a unique move , the Minister has sought crowd sourcing of ideas for boosting profitability and transformational changes from the railway employees. The heart of railway employees beats for the organisation. They would be having ideas which can boost the profitability of Railways. The Minister directed the General Managers and Divisional Railway Managers to actively seek these ideas from the employees and transmit the same to the Ministry.

Addressing the Sangosthi, Shi Suresh C. Angadi, Minister of State of Railways said, that Indian Railways had never stopped in last 167 years but it was stopped due to this pandemic. All Railway employees have worked tirelessly during the pandemic. He congratulated the staff of Indian Railways for working as a warriors. The Minister expressed that in future also Railway staff would work hard and make Indian Railways as the best Railways in the world.

Earlier, Dr. Aanand S. Khati, DG/HR, Railway Board informed that Indian Railways has more than 12.18 lacs employees on roll. 1.21 lakh employees have been recruited recently. Process for recruitment of 1.40 lakh vacancies has been initiated.

During the Sangosthi, Office bearers of the Federations highlighted the work done by Railway employees in challenging Covid times and sought active engagement in the process of transformational changes sweeping the Railways.

Office bearers of the Railway Unions said that Railway employees were standing with Ministry in its mission for development of Railways. Improvement of Efficiency and financial health is not only in the interest of the employees but of the nation. They said Railway employees were capable of taking any responsibility for the same.