Ahmedabad Coaching Depot Employees Develop Auto Thermal Scanner

A way to scan body temperature without an employee needing to hold a thermal gun at an arm’s distance from another was the need of the hour. In a true demonstration of the ‘atmanirbhar’ spirit, engineers of the Ahmedabad coaching depot of Western Railway have developed a body temperature scanner that works automatically with the employee monitoring the scanner able to maintain safe social distance from the subject.

The temperature scanner can be mounted on a wall. When someone stands before it, a green light blinks if the body temperature is normal or flashes red with a buzzer being set off if the temperature of the subject is higher than normal. The group of employees who developed the machine includes junior engineer Prabhulal Baghel, and Sarvesh Chauhan, Matadin and Kamlesh Sainin.

The team used a PVC box, relay, buzzer and distance sensor to build the machine currently being used to scan employees of Ahmedabad coaching depot for body temperature, after review of the project by divisional railway manager, Deepak Kumar Jha.

The Western Railway now plans to install similar devices at each office. The machines will not only save the need of dedicated human resources, but also increase the safety of those monitoring body temperatures of employees. A senior officer said that if such machines were installed at four spots at the entrance of stations, it may solve the need to scan each passenger. Earlier during lockdown, the railway employees had manufactured their own sanitizers and masks.