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Indian Railways for the First Time Ever Organizes Virtual Retirement Function

In a first event of its kind, Ministry of Railways organized a virtual retirement function for the Indian Railways officers and staff superannuated on 31st July, 2020. This was an event where all the Zones, Divisions. Production Units were connected on a single platform along with the officers and staff. 

In the history of Indian Railways, it was the first time that Minister of Railways interacted with all the 2320 Railway employees superannuated on 31st July, 2020. The event was attended by Minister of Railways and Commerce and Industry, Shri PiyushGoyal, Minister of State of Railways, Shri Suresh C Angadi, Secretary, Railway Board, Shri Sushant Kumar Mishra and senior officers of Railways.

Speaking on the occasion, Shri PiyushGoyal said, “It is a day of Happiness and Sadness. It is a happy occasion because the employees have served long period in different areas, capacities, responsibilities. Your contribution for Railways to make it a better Railways and the role you have played in making Railways for future ready shall be remembered. In past few years, Railways have shown improvement in their style of working.

In COVID phase, freight trains, parcel trains, Shramik Special trains were moved. Railways have put in best efforts to serve the nation during the pandemic. Railway employees are no less than Corona warriors. I would like to compliment the staff for putting best efforts during the fight against COVID.”

Shri Goyal added that this retirement is an intermediate station in one’s life journey, the later half of the journey can be interesting if one decides to do something better for the country and be the leader of transformation. If we spare some time from our life and utilize our experiences from our life in the service of the nation, our country’s future can become bright. We may encourage the next generation in a better way and leave a better country for them.

He referred to cleanliness, a small act which resulted in a transformational change. He urged the retirees to continue to perform small acts which can bring discernible changes in society like rain water harvesting, production of manure from wet waste, thinking of innovative ways to increase production of farmers’ harvest.

He also suggested that all the officers/staff who retired from Railways have the vast experience of working in Government sector. They may further inform and educate the common people about Government of India’s policies and programmes so a common man may benefit and become self sufficient. It may be one of the big contributions for making their life better.

Shri Goyal complimented the retirees on 31st July, 2020 for their valuable contribution and wished them a good life ahead.

Addressing retirees, Shri Suresh C. Angadi said, “It is a great pleasure to be with you all. Railways and the country can never forget the services which Railway staff has rendered tirelessly. Your advise/suggestion is always welcome to motivate the young staff. I wish to God to give strength and good keep up. A Railwaymen is always a Railwaymen.”

The officers and Staff interacted with the Minister of Railways & Minister of State of Railways and thanked them for making their retirement function a memorable retirement event. They also expressed that they would always be a part of Rail Parivaar.