Redevelopment of Ayodhya Railway Station Modelled on Ram Temple to be Completed by June 2021

The first phase Redevelopment of the Ayodhya Railway Station based on the theme of ‘Ram Mandir’ will be completed by June 2021, Northern Railways said. The redevelopment of the railway station in the holy city will be carried out at an estimated cost of Rs 104.77 crore.

The station will have state-of-the-art facilities for the passengers visiting Ayodhya. The station building is being constructed by RITES Ltd in two phases. In the first phase, development work in platform number 1 and 2/3, the development of the current circulating area and the development of the holding area will be completed as per a statement issued by Northern Railways. In the second phase, the construction of the new station building and other facilities will be taken-up. 

This redevelopment work includes the renovation of the internal and external premises of the station to increase the facilities available at the station such as the expansion of the number of ticket counters, waiting room expansion etc. It will also entail construction of three restrooms with the air-conditioned facility, 17-bed male dormitory with toilet, 10-bed female dormitory with toilet.

Other facilities such as an additional foot over bridge, food plaza, shops, additional toilets are also part of the construction plan. Apart from this, the tourist centre, taxi booth, Shishu Vihar etc will be also be developed. Work is also underway to ensure the availability of other facilities including a VIP lounge, auditorium and special guest house. 

It is believed that Indian Railways is remodelling the Ayodhya Station as a Replica of Ram Mandir (Temple) in anticipation of the Ram Mandir set to be built in the next few years. However, the Railways’ main aim is to modernise the station, in anticipation of the increased footfall the city will see once the temple is built in 2023-24. Once Re-developed, the Ayodhya station is expected to span one lakh square feet.