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Indian Railway Introduces Incentives Schemes to Boost Freight Traffic

Indian Railways has introduced various incentive schemes to attract more freight transporters for a tie-up for transportation of freight traffic.

“These incentives or benefits are provided at the goods sheds and sidings based on traffic offered and according to scheme guidelines. These incentive schemes are being liberalised even more to attract new freight traffic,” an official release said yesterday (Thursday, 7th July 2020).

The earlier concession was given to loading of fly ash in uniform bagged condition. Railway Board has now permitted loading of loose/bulk fly ash in open wagons, it said.

“Applicable concession will be as, 40 per cent concession on NTR (Normal Tariff Rate) for open wagons (bagged or loose/bulk packing) and flat wagons (bagged packing) whereas for covered wagons, bagged packing will be permitted and will be charged at NTR of LR1(low rated) class only,” it said.

The release said that there will not be any restrictions on floor rate and lead. But in the case of bagged consignment it is to be in standard bag size and in case of bulk consignment, it is to be hydrated and covered by the tarpaulin.

Customers shall strictly ensure the adherence to the conditions stipulated by the state/central government regarding pollution control which will be effective from August 8.

Railway Board has also relaxed stabling charges applicable at ₹525 per wagons per day.

The release said that 14 freight incentives schemes were earlier implemented for the benefit of freight customers.

“In addition to those, three more freight incentives have been initiated which will definitely play a vital role in facilitating more customers to transport their consignment through rail,” it said.