Rohtak-Gohana Rail Line Converted to Elevated Track Eliminating Four Level Crossings in Rohtak

In order to enhance Railway infrastructure and assist in urban decongestion, Indian Railways is taking series of steps all across the country. 

As a part of those activities, Northern Railways has converted the existing Rohtak-Gohana Railway line into a 4.8 km long elevated track. The work on the line is almost complete and it will be commissioned in the next three months. 

The said Railway line  was going through the heart of the city. There are four level crossings on this line within the town limits. This resulted in heavy traffic congestions as the level crossing gates would often be closed. It also jeopardized movement of rail traffic, compromising safety and speed of trains and inconvenienced the road users.

Now the track has been elevated this has eliminated the level crossings which will be a big relief to the people of Rohtak. With the commissioning of the line, Railways will be able to smoothly operate trains on this important route.  Speed of trains in this section will also be increased. 

The Railways and the Government of Haryana together working on the project, have spent Rs. 315 Crore in total, with the state contributing Rs. 225 Crore. With this a long standing demand of the people of Rohtak has been fulfilled by the Railways.