Vadodara Yard Remodelled to Segregate Traffic towards Ratlam

In a bid to facilitate direct movement and reduction of detention time of trains, Western Railway (WR) has carried out remodelling of Vadodara yard. The project was termed as “super critical projects” of the Indian Railways as the Vadodara yard lies just on the north of city on the busy Delhi-Mumbai route.

The remodelled Vadodara yard will help in segregating rail traffic of Ahmedabad and Ratlam sides. “On March 13, the noninterlocking work was successfully completed and Vadodara yard electronic interlocking was commissioned,” said Sumit Thakur, WR’s chief public relations officer.

“During the remodelling work, three signalled loop lines in UP direction were provided, which will help in train regulation and preference. Along with this, goods bypass lines 1 and 2 were made for passenger trains, which will be utilised to run passenger trains if required,” he said.

“The line capacity has now been increased. Eight permanent speed restrictions have also been removed. The merger of C and D cabins into centralised electronic interlocking will reduce the operation time and will save manpower,” he added. Due to the remodelling, Accident Relief Train (ART) can now be directly dispatched from Vadodara yard to Ratlam.

WR’s general manager Alok Kansal congratulated Amit Gupta, divisional railway manager of Vadodara railway division and his entire team for the achievement.