Golden Rock Workshop and NER Awarded for Smart Energy Management

Golden Rock railway workshop along with North Eastern Railway has jointly bagged first prize for developing and implementing IoT based smart energy management and condition monitoring system for energy intensive machines and substation low tension (LT) panels. The Golden Rock workshop and North East Railway jointly shared the cash award of Rs 1.50 lakh sanctioned by the railway board.

Golden Rock workshop is an energy management system (EnMS) and GreenCo (Gold rated) certified workshop. This necessitates monitoring of electrical energy consumption up to micro level. Since manual collection of data is not paving the way for dynamic control of energy consumption, it was proposed to install IoT-based smart energy management system.

The system collects data from energy meters, upload them to cloud and generates consolidated reports for critical analysis of energy consumption pattern. Since the system is fetching energy consumption data every second, it has become a handy tool for energy planning and identification of high consumption machines, utilisation pattern and idle running of machines.

The data obtained indicates the loading pattern, peak and offload condition of feeders so that concerned section in-charges could take corrective action as a predictive maintenance in order to avoid power interruptions and fire hazards. The system is also cost-effective.