Declare railway staff as frontline workers, CR GM to Maharashtra government

Central Railway’s general manager Alok Kansal has asked the Maharashtra government to include all the railway staff as frontline workers so that they get vaccinated on priority because they are more suspectable in getting affected by virus due to the nature of their duty.

A total of 1956 Indian railway employees have died ever since Covid-19 pandemic hit the country. Kansal, in his letter to chief secretary, state government of Maharashtra, said, “Pandemic in Maharashtra is still on the higher side. It is essential that all railway employees who come in contact with public and discharge their duties are brought in frontline category list so that their vaccination goes unhindered.”

Rajasthan and Orissa governments have already included the staff working Railways as front lien workers for vaccination. A CR official said, “Once the Railway personnel are declared as frontline workers they can *be vaccinated on priority* instead of waiting for their luck on COWIN portal to book appointments”.

CR’s Mumbai division has staff strength of 32,000 of which 12,000 are eligible to get vaccinated. Of these nearly 75 per cent have got vaccinated. Across Maharashtra, there are 95,000 railway personnel of which around 51 per cent have got vaccinated. On WR’s Mumbai division there are 20,000 employee of which 9,600 have got vaccinated. Nearly 3,000 WR employees and 1800 CR employees in Mumbai division have been infected with virus till date.