RCF Kapurthala rolls out new AC 3-tier economy class coaches

Recently, Rail Coach Factory (RCF) in Kapurthala rolled out 15 coaches of AC 3-tier Economy Class. These AC 3-tier Economy Class coaches will be attached in various mail and express trains. The prototype of this class was rolled out from RCF on 10 February 2021 for oscillation trials in just three months after its inception. According to the national transporter, this AC 3-tier economy class is expected to offer an air-conditioned, convenient, affordable, and pleasant travel experience to passengers. To provide individual vents for each berth, the design of the coach involves redesigning the AC ducting.

The AC 3-tier Economy Class coaches boast injury-free spaces and holders for water bottles, magazines and mobile phones, an improved and modular design of berths and seats, and also snack tables that are foldable in both transverse and longitudinal bays. Additionally, for each berth, individual reading lights, as well as mobile charging points, are provided in addition to the standard sockets. The coach has been provided with extra berths as in the new AC 3-tier Economy Class coach, the number of berths has been increased to 83 from 72. There are also wider doors in the coach, making it convenient for specially-abled passengers. In the current and next financial years, RCF has a production plan of 248 coaches.

According to Ravinder Gupta, GM of RCF Kapurthala, the AC Economy Class Coach offers the cheapest and finest air-conditioned travel in the world and is a landmark in the glorious journey of RCF. This new class of passenger trains will bring many changes in rail travel which will be more convenient, safer and faster. Due to the second wave of Covid-19 and complying to the pandemic guidelines, 50% of RCF staff was put on production work. Besides, the supply of railway material to RCF was greatly affected due to the lockdown in most parts of the country. Despite this, the RCF produced more than 100 coaches in May 2021, he added.