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Railways plans elevated track for Delhi to Jaipur

Indian Railways is planning to build an elevated corridor between Delhi Cantonment and Jaipur to run semi-high-speed trains (at 200 to 220 kmph). Earlier, the plan was to construct the elevated stretch from Delhi up to Rewari in Haryana, however, now the railways are looking at whether this can be extended up to Jaipur in Rajasthan.

This elevated corridor will reduce congestion on the existing corridor and reduce the travel time between Delhi and Jaipur.

Vande Bharat trains will be upgraded to run at 220 kmph in the next couple of years, which would be ideal for faster inter-city rail connectivity. Indian Railways has planned the launch of Vande Bharat Express from New Delhi to Jaipur in March 2023.

Northern Railways has drafted a detailed plan for the same and it will soon be sent to the Railway Board for approval, sources said.

“It was found feasible to have an elevated track between Delhi and Rewari as there is adequate land available. Since we run regular suburban local trains between Delhi and Rewari, this impacts running of goods trains and other long-distance passenger trains. Construction of elevated track will help us in segregation of trains that can take the elevated stretch,” an official said.

Moreover, Union minister and Gurgaon MP Rao Inderjit Singh said because of the new plan of the elevated corridor, the proposed upgradation of the Gurgaon railway station is being redesigned. He said that though the original plan was to complete the tendering process by March, but because of the change in plan, work on redesigning the station has begun.

Elevated tracks are being planned for operating semi-high-speed passenger trains on popular sectors such as Delhi-Jaipur, Mumbai-Pune, Bangalore-Chennai, and Delhi-Amritsar via Chandigarh. This would require an investment of Rs 150-160 crore per km through direct budget support.

Most of the identified routes are in the range of 200 km to 300 km and there is a big demand for premium train service in these sectors. The railway ministry has also announced the introduction of Vande Metro trains, which will operate like shuttle trains on intercity stretches of around 100 km.

Construction of elevated tracks on the highly congested railway corridors can prove to be very helpful for commuters and also for faster movement of freight to the consumption centers.

Meanwhile, the Sohna-Dausa stretch of the expansive Delhi-Mumbai expressway has just been opened between the two cities cutting down travel between them to just three hours.