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Madurai railway yard remodelling work nearing completion

Major portion of the yard remodelling works at Madurai railway junction along with Tirupparankundram and Tirumangalam railway stations have been completed and normal operation of train services — without any regulation — will begin at Madurai railway station.

On completion of the work, a separate ‘up’ line and ‘down’ line would be available between Chennai and Tirunelveli. “This would do away with any waiting for crossings for trains throughout the stretch,” said a railway officer.

Similarly, the shunting activities in Madurai railway junction would be segregated from both the ‘up’ and ‘down’ lines with provision of separate access. These facilities would also do away with waiting of trains at home signal to enter the station.

Simultaneous reception and despatch of trains would be available on both north and south sides. “To enable this, the signals in the yard have been provided with upgraded electronic interlocking system,” another official said.

As part of the doubling project, High Availability Single Section Axle Counter (HASSDAC), a system for automatic counting of axles of locomotives, coaches and wagons, has been introduced in the section to ensure safe running of trains between two stations.

Besides, adding one more platform — Platform 7 — the officials have increased the length of platform 6 from existing 445 metres to 610 metres.

“This means any full rake with 24 coaches can be operated from this platform (on the western entry),” the official added.

Meanwhile, station redevelopment work is under way.