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Railways plan to have a lounge at Pune railway station

The Pune railway division intends to relocate the main reservation counters on the first floor of the reservation building at Pune railway station in order to provide improved facilities and luxurious seating arrangements with paid service.

Railways are planning to create an executive lounge in this area on the first floor where customers can pay and relax with superior facilities. Passenger groups, on the other hand, are opposed to this idea.

The ticket reservation centre is currently located on the first floor of the reservation building, just opposite the main entrance of the Pune railway station.

Whereas the desks for Tatkal and regular ticket reservations are located in the basement of the same building.

There is a huge rush in the general ticket purchasing sections, but fewer individuals are going to the top level to reserve tickets for planned journeys.

 “A proposal has been sent to relocate the first-floor reservation centre to the ground floor and merge it with the general ticket booking counters because there aren’t many people coming there for bookings. Because the majority of passengers book their tickets online, this choice has been considered, and an executive lounge for passengers will be established at that location. The entire space will be converted into a lounge with all facilities available with paid services,” said Ajay Kumar, a representative for the Pune railway division.

“The proposal is in its early stages, and once it is approved, only the actual work of shifting the reservation counters from the first floor to the ground floor, and then work on the lounge will begin,” he added.

On the other hand, there is strong opposition to this decision.

According to Harsha Shah, president of Railway Pravasi Group, “It is completely a wrong decision which railways are going to take as still a large number of people, particularly senior citizens, prefer to go to the reservation counters and book their tickets.” And the lounge that will be built there will not be affordable to all passengers due to the exorbitant fees,”

Dulari Kirane, another regular traveller, stated, “There is no need for an additional lounge at the station; in fact, railways should develop and preserve the existing passenger facilities at the station.” Passengers are unwilling to pay exorbitant fees for such a lounge because there are already resting areas on the platforms.”