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NF Railway undertakes track renewal works to ensure passenger safety

Guwahati to provide a safe and comfortable journey to rail passengers, the Northeast Frontier Railway has undertaken several track renewal works during 2022 – 23.

According to the NF Railway, emphasis on track repairing has led to zero accidents during the last year.

Chief Public Relation Officer (CPRO) of NF Railway, Sabyasachi De, said that 324.22 TKM (Track Kilometre) of plain tracks have been deep screened by cleaning the impervious layer of dust, sand ashes etc from ballast during 2022 – 2023.

“This is an increase of 18.6 per cent of 273.44 TKM during 2021 – 22. Through Sleeper Renewal of 162.96, TKM has been done during 2022 – 2023. This is an increase of 51.6 per cent of 107.48 TKM during 2021 – 22. Through Rail Renewal of 403.75, TKM has been done during 2022 – 23. This is an increase of 37.5 per cent of 293.69 TKM during 2021 – 22. Complete Track Renewal of 306.42 CTR units has been done during 2022 – 23. This is an increase of 39.1 per cent of 220.32 CTR units during 2021 – 22. Complete track renewal involves the replacement of existing rails or sleepers, separately or together with new or second-hand serviceable material,” Sabyasachi De said.

He further said that NF Railway has achieved the highest-ever progress of ballasting of 6.34 lakh cum during 2022 – 23.

“This is an increase of 26.1 per cent of 5.03 lakh cum during 2021 – 22. Deep screening of a turnout of 171 numbers has been achieved during 2022 -23. This is an increase of 30.5 per cent of 131 nos during 2021 – 2022. Turnout is an arrangement of points and crossings by which moving trains may be diverted from one track to another,” he said.

Sabyasachi De added that during 2022- 23, 35 thick web switches have been provided on High-Density Network routes to improve the running of trains.

“Moreover, 20 manned level crossings have been eliminated to ensure safety, speed of trains upto 110 kmph have been increased on 564.84 km section and sundry earning of Rs 183.28 crore have been achieved during 2022 -23,” Sabyasachi De said.

The increased emphasis given to safety measures for railway tracks has led to the safer running of trains with increased speed and better riding experience.