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IR’s OSOP scheme covers 728 Railway stations with over 700 outlets

The Ministry of Railways has covered 728 railway stations across the country with more than 700 One Station One Product (OSOP) outlets. The move aims to promote ‘Vocal for Local’ vision and to provide a market to sell local or indigenous products. This will boost the economic growth of the region as well as create employment opportunities for the marginalised sections of the society.

The pilot of the OSOP scheme was started on March 25, 2022. As on May 01, 2023, a total of 785 outlets have been opened at 728 stations in 21 states and 3 Union Territories (UTs). The OSOP stalls have been designed by the National Design Institute for uniformity.

About OSOP scheme:

The ‘One Station One Product’ is specific to the concerned place where the outlets have been opened. It includes artifacts made by indigenous tribes, handlooms by local weavers, handicrafts like world famous wood carving, chikankari and zari-zardozi work on clothes, or spices tea, coffee and other processed/ semi processed food items/products indigenously grown in the area.  Under the scheme, the allotment is done to all eligible applicants on a rotational basis.

Under the One Station One Product scheme, the products include:

  • Food items (Seasonal or Processed or semi processed foods)
  • Handicrafts
  • Artefacts
  • Textiles
  • Handlooms
  • Traditional Garments
  • Local agricultural produce
  • Local toys
  • Leather products
  • Local Gems and Jewellery

In the North Eastern part of the country, the varieties of Assamese Pitha, Traditional Rajbongshi Dress, Jhapi, Local textile, Jute Products (Cap,Gamocha,Doll) are available on OSOP Stalls. In Jammu and Kashmir, Kashmiri Girda, Kashmiri Kahwa, and Dry Fruits are famous.

In South India, the Cashew products, spices, Chinnalapatti Handloom Sarees are catching the attention of passengers. In Western part of the country, Embroidery & Zari Zardozi, Coconut Halva, locally grown fruits, processed foods, and Bandhani are famous.