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IR Introduces Duplicate Tickets for Lost Ones

In a delightful announcement for railway passengers, Indian Railways has come up with a solution to address the anxiety of losing a train ticket at the last minute. The railway administration has introduced an alternate arrangement to provide duplicate tickets in critical situations such as loss, misplacement, tearing, or mutilation. This move aims to alleviate the stress faced by travelers during such unforeseen circumstances.

According to the Indian Railways portal, indianrail.gov.in, if the loss of a confirmed or RAC ticket is reported just before the compilation of the reservation chart, commuters can obtain a duplicate ticket by paying a nominal fee. Passengers traveling in second and sleeper-class compartments need to pay a fee of Rs 50, while those in other classes are required to pay Rs 100.

However, if the loss of a ticket is reported after the reservation chart has been generated, a duplicate ticket can still be obtained by paying 50% of the original ticket’s cost.

  • For torn or damaged RAC tickets, Indian Railways can issue a duplicate ticket upon payment of 25 percent of the fare.
  • It is important to note that no duplicate tickets will be issued for lost tickets on the waiting list, or for tickets that have been severely damaged.
  • In cases where a train ticket has been torn or damaged, a refund may be granted if the validity and authenticity of the ticket can be established.
  • The Indian Railways clarifies that duplicate tickets cannot be issued for lost RAC tickets after the reservation chart has been prepared.
  • If the original ticket is found and provided along with the duplicate ticket before the train’s departure, the customer will receive a refund for the cost of the duplicate ticket.

This latest initiative by Indian Railways is set to bring relief to passengers who encounter ticket-related challenges during their journeys. By offering duplicate tickets against lost ones, the railway administration demonstrates its commitment to customer convenience and satisfaction.