One of the purpose of Railways Year Book over the years has been to act as the platform to enable exchange of information between the Railwaymen and Industry. While providing updated information about opportunities in Railways to the Industry, the book offered information about products and services provided by Industry Players to Railwaymen.

Thus acting as a catalyst of information exchange among the key players of Railways Industry. In its online Avatar, the Railways Year Book is equipped with more tools to add further value to its purpose.

Apart from the classical print advertisement, Industry Players now have option to promote their individual products and services through our digital advertisement offerings. Below are details with online advertisement booking forms for your use.

Print Advertisement

The year 2020 is a Landmark Year for Every One and for Indian Railway Too. Its Incredible Response to the crisis posed by the Covid-19 has been Remarkable starting from March till Date as it is inching towards Normalization. The initiatives like ‘Shramik Special’, Isolation Coaches, Essential Supply Parcel Trains during Lockdown, revealed the true strength of Indian Railways. The 2020 Edition of Railways Year Book, is a ‘Collector’s Edition’ giving annual account of events this year. Advertise in this much sought after publication of Railway Industry to be noticed by Who’s Who of Indian Railways.

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